We believe in collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange.

At Momentum we believe that collaboration accelerates individuals through short feedback loops and an encouraging environment. We want to connect builders and aspiring founders from different disciplines to create a truly diverse community.

Meet the team

Portrait of Jackie Kroyer

Jackie Kroyer

Founding Team
TUM | UVC Partners | START
Portrait of Maximilian Girod

Maximilian Girod

Founding Team
HEC Paris MBA | Former Adyen, Yext, Decode_M | EPV Circle
Portrait of Valeria Langenbacher

Valeria Langenbacher

Founding Team
Uni Mannheim | thinc!
Portrait of Nadja Gattermeyer

Nadja Gattermeyer

Founding Team
Bocconi | Uni Mannheim | Edurino | Q-Summit
Portrait of Angelika Romanou

Angelika Romanou

Founding Team
EPFL | Changemakers
Portrait of Domenico Maffei

Domenico Maffei

Founding Team
HSG | session.vc | VC Lunch
Portrait of Justus Kneissle

Justus Kneissle

Founding Team
Goethe Uni | Founders Club Frankfurt
Portrait of Henri Bekeris

Henri Bekeris

Founding Team
Uni Mannheim | Picus | Q-Summit
Portrait of Linus Wetzig

Linus Wetzig

Founding Team
WHU | Daedalus | PionierGarage
Portrait of Jonas Derissen

Jonas Derissen

Founding Team
Portrait of Maxime Baube

Maxime Baube

Founding Team
EPFL | WCF | Scewo
Portrait of Anna Schröder

Anna Schröder

Founding Team
WHU | Rocket Internet | Picus
Portrait of Anaïs Berkes

Anaïs Berkes

Founding Team
Cambridge | ETH | WCF
Portrait of Maxim Kopecki

Maxim Kopecki

Founding Team
ETH | Throne | ETH EC
Portrait of Anirudhh Ramesh

Anirudhh Ramesh

Founding Team
Portrait of Jeremy Osih

Jeremy Osih

Founding Team
EPFL | WCF | EPFL Entrepreneur Club
Portrait of Greta Wette

Greta Wette

Founding Team
Uni Mannheim | Q-Summit I Workist
Portrait of Stan Wohlwend

Stan Wohlwend

Founding Team
ETH | Generai | Formerly Google, Jane Street
Portrait of Vinitra Swamy

Vinitra Swamy

Founding Team
EPFL | Changemakers | WCF
Portrait of Martin Bender

Martin Bender

Founding Team
Goethe Uni | Founders Club Frankfurt
Portrait of Marlon Malter

Marlon Malter

Founding Team
TU Darmstadt | First Momentum
Portrait of Antonia Schroff

Antonia Schroff

Founding Team
KTH | KIT | PionierGarage

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