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Introducing Momentum

by Henri Bekeris · 18.10.2022

Connecting future builders is not as easy as it sounds….

The idea of building products has always fascinated me, creating new things that change areas of our life. But there was always one problem - technical implementation. Let's face it: 99% of the products that fundamentally change markets are based on technology and I can't code.

What now?

First to Berlin, where many people are aligned behind one idea: Building new stuff. That's where I met Jonas and Maxim. Besides the fact that we got along right from the start, they were able to do something I always wanted to do: code and implement new product ideas.

This is where the idea for Momentum was born.

When we looked at the different universities we saw many exciting opportunities to get in touch with other people. Unfortunately, there is usually one problem. You stay among yourselves. Business students talk to business students, tech students talk to tech students. And that's it! No exchange, no overlap. Sankt Gallen is 30 minutes away from the ETH Zurich and yet there is little to no collaboration.

That is exactly what we want to change!

And so we started.

We talked to many different players in the European ecosystem, from VCs to corporates, startups and their successful founders to students from all kinds of backgrounds. We found one consistent sentiment: business and tech should be connected at a very early stage.

Valeria and Linus joined us from the start, a project that at this time was only a wild idea. We shared the same passion: Building products and developing innovative business models.

But what exactly is Momentum?

We are not just another anonymous entrepreneurship network with unused Slack channels and self-promoting members.

We are a small community of friends, working together on our ideas and leveraging each other’s creativity and expertise.

Besides working on our projects, we create a network of business angels, early stage VCs, successful founders and strategic partners around Momentum to constantly learn from their experience and past mistakes. Therefore, we are looking for experts in specific topics like funding, growth, hiring, tax or law, to share their insights right when we need them while building real products in real markets. In turn, these experts get an insider's perspective into the mindsets of bright students on the ground floor of large entrepreneurship movements from many different universities, already starting their initial ventures.

Each Momentum cohort is like a family. A group of 25 entrepreneurial students from all over Europe (ETH, Mannheim, WHU, St.Gallen, Cambridge, EPFL, Nova and many more) connected by a common passion for technology and a willingness to build and scale disruptive products. By now we are 16 people: Henri, Jonas, Maxim, Valeria, Linus, Greta, Maxime, Anna, Justus, Martin, Marlon, Jackie, Domenico, Anaïs, Jeremy, and Vinitra.

If you're passionate about building things and feel you're the right fit to round out the team, apply to join us today.

We are Momentum, trying to reshape the way people from different backgrounds work together, already bursting with ideas on projects. We want to be a catalyst for student entrepreneurs by encouraging interdisciplinary exchange. We can’t wait to show the first results.

So follow our journey!

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