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Launching Gravity

by Domenico Maffei & Henri Bekeris · 16.03.2023

Gravity is changing the way companies hire talent.

Where We Are Coming From

While organizing a VC Tour in Munich, Domenico created a Notion page for all participants.  When his internship at an early-stage VC ended, he started sourcing potential candidates on LinkedIn who would become his successor.

He set relevant filters, created lists with candidates, and texted them one by one. However, he recognized that it is impossible to see whether a student is looking for an internship or a working student position on LinkedIn.

The Notion page came to mind, and the idea of a pre-filtered list of high-potential, available candidates started to take off. Domenico collected people from his network and listed them on the page which he distributed to Startups and VCs. This is when Jobmatch was born.

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Domenico was able to get the first 30 students on JobMatch and connected them with VCs and startups from his personal network. The goal was to enable companies to request an introduction with one click.

When Domenico joined Momentum, we saw the potential to take JobMatch to the next level by upgrading the Notion page to a scalable web application with many more features.

What We Have Built

Within a few months, we built a platform for students and companies to make hiring as easy as possible. We launched the MVP in early February through constant collaboration between the business and tech team. Within a couple of days over 200 students and over 40 companies signed up for the platform.

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Our Vision For Gravity

We're working on new features to connect the brightest minds with the most innovative companies. As of now, you can use filters such as university, degree, and availability, to find potential candidates from amazing organizations such as Baby VC, Start Global, Innovis, Q-Summit, and many more. With these features, you can quickly find your next intern and reach out to them.

Recruiting is just the beginning. At Momentum we do not aspire to build just another hiring tool - but rather build a central infrastructure for the European startup ecosystem.

We want Gravity to promote innovation by building the best platform for connecting top talents who want to join startups and VCs.

Let's see where this journey takes us… ;)

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